Inspired Living: Advocacy Program Catalog

“Imaginative practice through the Arts not only builds creative completion, but adds value and pliability so that the individual is open to new ideas.”   
~ Joseph Vincelli, TAO Founder

Inspired Living  

Art Therapy: Building Empowerment through Creativity & Improvisation for At-Risk Individuals

Exposure to negative behavior keeps the mind from thinking clearly and lowers self-confidence.  Negative actions can be countered by positive behavior. What better way to encourage self-esteem than to add interactive creativity and improvisation to a young person’s life?


J & J: The Musical Dudes

Joseph & Joel: The Musical Dudes

J & J:  The Musical Dudes  Song Creation & CD Recording

TAO Teaching Artists,  Joseph & Joel create a song and lyrics with students in order to extract each of their authentic inner qualities.  Student children and adults alike, change negative behavior into positive behavior through the use of creativity.  They will learn to:

–          Interact and Generate teamwork & observation with each other 
–          Explore, discover, and collaborate on ideas
–          Improvise with the use of the tools at hand
–          Feel a sense of accomplishment
–          Gain Self-Esteem through Creative Resources
Sample Song Writing      (Lyrics & Music Created by Students and Teaching Artists in ONE Hour)


TAO culinary scientistPlay With Your Food!!

Life Skills:  Culinary Arts   Food Creating and Development Session

“You Have to Eat, You Might as well Eat Well!

TAO Teaching Artists and prominent local chefs, create recipes with student children and adults alike.  All of us not only need food for sustenance, but food offers a sense of daily accomplishment and builds confidence through creative improvisation.  They will learn to:

–          Interact with each other as they prepare recipes
–          Generate teamwork and observation during the cooking process
–          Build self-esteem through each accomplished dish
–          Add Improvisation to daily routine;
                  Improvisational exercise releases inner fear and inhibition.  It is an important role toward creative and positive behavior.


 The Story Wheel    A Short Story or Poem

TAO Actors form group circles with the students to create a short story based on a current topic about which they are experiencing.  During this exercise students retain a deeper understanding of themselves while they bounce ideas off of each other to formulate creative literature and poetry.    Also, associations between music, colors, the calendar, life evolution and numbers will be presented.  


  1. In a 45 minute program, The Story Wheel takes words that the students have composed in order to make poems and short stories.  
  2. In a 90 minute program, The Story Wheel creates The Unified Story by combining students’ ideas into a larger fabric of improvised ideas.  
  3. In a 3-hour to full day program, The Story Wheel turns student ideas and topics into a performative  presentation as the goal of accomplishment.
Students will:
–          Learn group interaction for Stronger Creativity
–          Learn how to accept mistakes while changing the error into success
–          Retain a better understanding of how they are feeling
–          Learn how to improvise and experiment with their own ideas
–          Learn about a particular Native American principal, Cycles of Nature, and Historical Philosophy 

Improvisational Painting   

TAO Painters help students become vulnerable through the use of paint and canvas.  During this exercise students retain a deeper understanding of themselves as they learn to “let go”.  The students are introduced the importance of the seven primary colors.  After completion, the students get to take home their printed expression of paint.  Students will:

–          Become more authentic
–          Learn how to accept mistakes while changing the error into success through improvisation
–          Allow vulnerability to allow change
–          Release fear and build confidence in themselves

Foley Art DesignerTAO Foley Art Designer   The Purpose of Sound Design

TAO Teaching Artists demonstrate the importance of sound while making students aware of its presence everywhere in our world.  Foley Art (or also known as Sound Design) is the process of all of the sounds that you hear during a film.  Otherwise a film would be very dry and boring.  Sounds add to all aspects of our life and this workshop demonstrates its vast effect.


FilmTAO  Short Film

TAO Teaching Artists work with the students to create a short film based on a current topic about which they are learning.  The students will revise a short script, rehearse and act.  The film will be edited and given to the teacher as a keepsake.  Students will:

–          Learn group interaction for Stronger Creativity & Teamwork
–          Act, produce & script write
–          Learn about the various art forms involved in film making
–          Improvise and experiment with their own ideas