About Our Founder

TAO’s Founder and Executive Director,

Joseph Vincelli

“Passionate Improviser”

That is the key phrase that sums up our founder.  Anyone that has seen Joseph Vincelli perform, whether on flute or on saxophone, in a concert hall or a living room, knows that he exhibits a lot of passion toward his music.

The irony is that his entire life has been wrapped around the concepts and philosophies that THE ARTIST OUTREACH, INC. are conveying to student participants.

Like many professional musicians, Joseph started playing at an early age during his elementary school years.  It wasn’t until high school that he devoted a lot of time toward “Getting Good“!  When he attended Berklee College of Music, he really started to analyze why he was so involved in his own music.  As he researched various composers’ philosophies, he realized that he shared the same understanding of art’s impact that they had.  This initiated a 15-year research project and led to the authoring of his book, THE ART OF TONE.

Over his 35-year career as a composer and recording artist, Joseph has performed many workshops and music clinics, but recently has accelerated his effort to share his experience as a touring professional with students.

As he spent time at schools, he learned that fine arts’ budgets continue to diminish and that schools are forced to put arts programs on the back burner.  Currently, government funding is stringent which ultimately allows less time toward understanding art’s true purpose in society.  Therefore, he sees the need for the art professionals to step up to the plate and expose students to more than what they are currently learning, especially when it comes to creative thought, creative outlets, and exercising our minds in a creative way so that inspired thought can happen within an individual student.

In addition, Joseph feels that digital technology is so advanced in our current world (without the chance of it slowing down any time soon), that unless students are exposed to the creation of sound media through instruments, they will have difficulty in understanding from where musical sound originates.  All forms of art truly add to our society because they inspire creative thought which, in turn, sparks unique ways of looking at things.

Joseph’s position is that if the children are our future and we are only teaching a foundation of structure and information without exposing an outlet for inspiration, little can really help the next generation progress.

That is Joseph’s reasoning for creating such an initiative at this time.

Join our founder, Joseph Vincelli, and The Artist Outreach by making us a part of your contribution fund, notifying us of schools’ that have participating interest, and getting the word out to help the minority of folks that understand this concept so that it can become the majority that understands it!