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Perspective on Suffering

It’s 2017. The Bucket Ministry is young, scrappy, and manned by less people than your average rowboat. We’re small but doing everything in our limited means to grow our mission field. That effort leads us to east Africa. Kenya, to be specific. Nairobi, Kenya, to be more so. The first 95% of the trip was


How to Stay Safe During a Boil Water Advisory

Three months removed from the winter storm that knocked Texas on its heels, and the memory of water scarcity still commands a lingering feeling of unease in our minds. How fragile the infrastructure that affords us the privilege to always assume we’ll have clean, safe, drinking water at an arm’s reach. A few days of


A Letter Regarding All Upcoming Mission Trips

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Missions,   I’m writing this to you today from sunny Nairobi, Kenya. I have found myself in complete  isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 and not being able to return home. I’m  hoping to share my heart and thoughts about upcoming TBM mission trips with  everyone either interested in or


Golf has changed the world!

Golf has changed the world! Several weeks ago, we posted a blog about how we believed golf can change the world. Maybe you were skeptical of this statement. How can the game of golf make a real difference in the world? Well, let us tell you! Last Monday, September 28, The Bucket Ministry hosted the


The Story of Millicent Atieno Shikuku

Today, we share a story of hope written by Solomon Wakhungu, The Bucket Ministry team leader in the Kibera slums. Let us introduce you to our friend Millicent. Millicent, a single mother to three children, is a beneficiary of the water filter given by The Bucket Ministry. Throughout their lives, Millicent and her kids have been


You Don’t Have to Live Here to Give Here!

The North Texas Giving Day has already begun with Early Bird giving!  Join the generosity movement and help The Bucket Ministry reach our goal of $25,000. Your gift will be used locally, to support our U.S. team and operations based at our world headquarters in Rockwall, Texas. This team mobilizes volunteers, trains & disciples in-county


Did You Know?

Did you know a little, 1.68-inch, white ball being hit an average of 100 to 190 acres can change the world. What I have just described is golf, and I know it can change the world. How? Why? Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and let me tell you about it. The Bucket Ministry was


Go and Make Disciples of All Nations

This is the third and final installment of our exploration of The Bucket Ministry’s engagement model: “Pray, Give, Go.” The first two blogs are linked in the bottom of this post. We would encourage you to read these blogs to learn about these three essential parts of our ministry.  The final portion of the engagement

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